Office of Student Life

Ohio State's First Neilsen Foundation Scholar Graduates

April 30, 2024

Student Life Disability Services at Ohio State received grant monies in 2021 from the Craig H. Neilsen Foundation to support to student scholars with spinal cord injuires .  Our campus is one of 17 colleges in the country to offer this scholarship and we currenlty have 2 funded scholars with more to come! One of the scholars, the first from Ohio State, finished their program this spring.  We'd like you to meet, and help us congratulate, Justin Lennon, on earning his Master of Social Work degree!  Well done, Justin!

Name: Justin Lennon

Hometown: Cincinnati

Major/Program: Master of Social Work

Minor, Certificates, or Thesis: MSW specializing in Mental Health and Substance Abuse

Why did you come to Ohio State: I thought the campus and atmosphere of OSU were very inviting.

Favorite organization: Student Life Disability Services

Favorite place on campus:  The Union

Favorite class: Behavioral Methods

Something about you that is not on your resume: I play wheelchair rugby in my free time.

Future Plans: Provide therapy, hopefully for the physically disabled population.

Advice for Future Buckeyes: Take advantage of all opportunities around you and take time for yourself.

Impact of the Nielsen Foundation Scholarship: I was able to completely focus on my academics without worrying about my finances.

Biggest takeaway from Ohio State: Everything will fall into place, even if it isn’t how you intended.