Office of Student Life

Handicapped receive aid

This article originally appeared in the November 12, 1971 edition of The Lantern.

By Thomas F. Dugan

The disability services office of the Ohio State student counselling service helps the 689 handicapped Ohio State students become more independent by showing them how to overcome the problems they face in daily campus life.

These students may have to walk to class without eyesight or take lecture notes without being able to hear. Wheel chair students must be able to get out of the dormitories during fire drills.

William A. Fulghum, coordinator of disability services, and his secretary Barbara Helget, are the Administration’s only agents for aiding handicapped students with admissions, orientation, scheduling, housing, transportation, medical services, counselling, education and financial aids problems.

‘Darn good Students’

“the majority of handicapped students are darn good students,” Fulghum said. He pointed out that they have to spend most of their time studying just to keep up.

Blind students who have their books tape recorded can listen at only one fourth the speed a sighted student can read. A deaf student can read. A deaf student must tape record his lectures and have them typed before he can study.

Blind students can have their books tape recorded by Disability Services if they submit them one month before they are needed. They can hire readers through Disability Services.

During orientation, Fulghum said, Disability Services provides persons who teach methods of travel to the blind.

Many hazards on campus

Fulghum pointed out that there are many hazards and obstacles for blind and wheel chair students.

It is easy for a blind student using a cane to walk into signs that are too low or fire plugs that are too low or fire plugs that are placed in the middle of the sidewalk.

Wheel chair students must find routes to classes with ramps and slopes instead of curbs and stairs, Fulghum said.

Fulghum emphasized the need for handicapped students to be independent. He stressed Student Disabilities’ role in helping to build this independence. He said his office handles each student “ as an individual.”

Student Disabilities gives handicapped students the indepence they need by showing them how to overcome their problems, Fulghum added.

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