Office of Student Life

Disability Services

2021 SLDS Award Winners

June 28, 2021

Student Life Disability Services (SLDS, Columbus campus) is pleased to announce the following recipients for our 2021 Awards:

  • 2021 Dick Maxwell Award: Julie Prince. This award is given annually to a staff or faculty member who has made an outstanding contribution and significantly improved the quality of the higher educational experience for a student with a disability or to SLDS. Julie is the Coordinator for the Office of Disability Services on the Marion Campus. Julie promotes access through her meaningful connections with students. Julie’s colleagues applaud her commitment to timely, effective and compassionate services for students. There have been many reports on the positive impact she has had on students’ lives and their future success. We thank Julie for her dedication and commitment to providing access for students and the campus community.
  • 2021 Outstanding Graduate Student Advocate Award: Antonio (Joey) Ferraro. Joey is a PhD candidate in the Department of English and instructor for English 3361 (Narrative and Medicine). One student in Joey’s class describes how Joey not only openly welcomes accommodation requests, but has designed the entire class to be more accessible. Joey has interwoven topics on disability and accessibility into class discussions, creating a safe space for students to share their experiences and perspectives. Joey makes it clear that access and inclusion are valuable and meaningful components of the learning environment. Congratulations and thanks to Joey on their dedication to inclusion and belonging!
  • 2021 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Advocate Award: Kayden Gill. Kayden is a third-year student and Morrill Scholar (MSP) majoring in Health Sciences and minoring in Animal Sciences. Kayden is the current President of Buckeyes for Accessibility and a member of the MSP Student Advisory Committee. Through these roles, Kayden has been a powerful advocate for the inclusion and visibility of students with disabilities on campus. Examples of Kayden’s impact include the addition of disability questions on demographic surveys used for MSP students and the creation of a campus access map. Congratulations and thank you to Kayden for their commitment and advocacy!