Office of Student Life

Disability Services

Peer Notetaker Instructions

To Disability Services (SLDS) peer notetakers:

Thank you! We appreciate you willingness to volunteer to provide a copy of your notes to a SLDS-registered student. Your assistance helps the university provide equitable access to education for all students. Compensation or volunteer certificate options are available.

 Please complete ALL the steps below to begin your role as a peer notetaker for SLDS. 

If you want to join the notetaker pool in case someone needs notes in your class, but your instructor has not put out a call for volunteers, just complete steps 1 and 2 at this time.  If you are paired with a person needing notes, you will be notified.


Register as a Notetaker.

  • Register as a peer notetaker in AIM
  • Your Username is your name.# and your School ID is the 9-digit number on your BuckID.
    • PLEASE NOTE: If you are student registered with SLDS, this link won’t work. Email slds-notes@osu.eduwith your name and course information.

Adding the class(es) for which you will provide peer notes.

  • Login to AIM
    1. Click on the “Notetaker” tab on the top of the screen.
    2. Under “Request and View Assignments” scroll down to “Request a Notetaking Assignment” - input the unique CRN for your section in one of the boxes. You can find this CRN on your Class Schedule in BuckeyeLink. It is the number in (parentheses) next to your course name and number. If you cannot complete step 2, please email with the course name, number, and instructor.
      • If you are willing to be a notetaker for all your courses, please add all courses. 
    3. Check the box in Step 3 to verify your course(s). In the drop down on the right, select your preferred method of compensation (Volunteer Hours, Stipend, or No Compensation).
    4. Click “Submit Your Class Schedule”
    5. Once the application is processed (this can take 24-48 hours), you will receive confirmation that you have been assigned to the course(s). At this point, you can start uploading notes.

 Uploading Notes

  • Login to AIM
  1. Click the “Notetaker” tab at the top of screen.
  2. Click “Upload and View Notes”in red in the box on the left side of the screen.
  3. Select the correct course and week of notes.
  4. Select the correct date the notes were taken on.
  5. Select the file and click “Upload Notes.”
  • The system will let you know that the upload was complete and the notes are under our records

Deliver notes in a timely manner.

  • Typically, notes should be delivered by the following class period, or within 48 hours. 

Attend class regularly and keep in communication.

  • Even if you are absent from class, you are still responsible for providing notes for that day. Work with the instructor or another classmate to obtain a copy of notes.
  • If there are any changes in the note-taking arrangement (you drop the class, the services are not needed anymore, etc.), or if you have any questions/concerns about your role, please let us and your instructor know as soon as possible.

 Take legible, good quality notes.

  • For tips on effective note-taking strategies, visit the Dennis Learning Center’s Active Note-Taking Strategies page.
  • Consider how you’ll be providing notes and how to make the exchange as smooth as possible. For example, it can be difficult to scan notes from a 3-ring binder. Loose-leaf paper is easier to scan, while typed notes require no scanning at all, etc.

 Maintain confidentiality.

  • It is okay to tell people that you are a notetaker for SLDS, but do NOT reveal any identifying information (name, disability, etc.) about the student(s) receiving notes unless you have their explicit permission.

 Follow the instructions below to receive compensation.

We will provide either (1) a stipend of $25 per credit hour or (2) a certificate of volunteering upon satisfactory completion of note-taking assistance. This compensation can be awarded only once for each course for which you are providing notes. Your compensation is only based on the credit hours of the course and stays the same regardless of the number students for whom you are providing notes. Failure to meet your responsibilities as a notetaker may result in forfeiture of compensation.

  • If you are currently a student employee, you will be paid via direct deposit approximately 4-6 weeks after the end of the semester. Please note that your stipend will be the amount of compensation after taxes and will be added to the payment for your current student employee position.
  • If you are NOT currently a student employee, you will be paid via direct deposit/eft or check. We highly encourage you to complete the direct deposit form for more efficient payment. If you choose to paid by check,please note it can take up to 90 days to receive the paper check by mail to your permanent address after the end of the semester.
  •  Regular faculty or staff are not eligible to receive the stipend.

IMPORTANT: To be eligible to receive a stipend payment, notetakers are required to complete and submit additional documentation described in the sections below. Stipend payments cannot be processed without the required documentation.

To Receive a Certificate of Volunteering:

  1. On your Notetaker Request Form, indicate that you are requesting volunteer hours.
  2. We will email you a certificate confirming your volunteer hours 2-4 weeks after the end of the semester.

To Receive the Stipend:

  1. On your Notetaker Request Form, indicate that you are requesting a stipend.  This form must be completed every term that you are a notetaker. 

  2. If applicable, submit a completed New Vendor Setup Form and OPERS Independent Contractor/Worker Acknowledgment to at least 3 weeks prior to the start of finals week for the current semester/term. All non-student employee notetakers seeking a stipend MUST complete and submit the OPERS Acknowledgement. If you have served as a notetaker in a previous semester, were paid by check/direct deposit (as a non-student employee), and your mailing address has not changed, you do not need to submit a new vendor form. If you are a student employee requesting compensation, you do not need to submit a vendor form. If you served as a notetaker in a previous semester while a student employee, but are now no longer a student employee, you will need to submit a vendor form. To be paid via direct deposit, you must also submit a voided check or bank letter confirming routing and account numbers. This form requires a handwritten signature. Signature from a tablet with a stylus pen is also acceptable.
  3. Non-citizens must also complete and submit a W-8BEN form along with a copy of your passport and visa.Once this information is entered into the system, you will receive an email from giving you access to log-on and complete a questionnaire. If the requested information is not completed within 15 days the maximum amount of US tax will be withheld from any US income paid to you.