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Summer 2022 Orientation

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Welcome Video from Dr. Lyons, Director

SLDS Overview

Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) collaborates with the university community to create an accessible educational experience for students with disabilities.  “Disability” in this context is a broad term that includes mental health conditions, ADHD, chronic health issues, learning disabilities, temporary injuries and sensory/physical disabilities. We partner with students, faculty and staff to design accessible environments and to provide academic accommodations and support services.

Overview Resources:

Connecting with SLDS over the Summer 

SLDS is open Monday – Friday, 8 a.m. - 5 p.m. During Summer 2022 we offer phone calls and virtual appointments, but we also have staff on-site if you would like to visit our space. Students and their families are welcome to call our office during operating hours for a call-in consult. Many students find it helpful to call our office prior to their orientation dates in order to prepare for scheduling classes. During your call, you can discuss any questions or concerns you may have with an Access Specialist.

Getting Registered with SLDS

SLDS encourages incoming students to complete their registration over the summer so that they can start autumn term fully registered and beat the beginning-of-semester rush. The registration process involves three steps: (1) submitting an online application (click here) and uploading disability documentation, (2) receiving a "Schedule Your Welcome Meeting" email to your Buckeyemail account, and (3) completing your virtual Welcome Meeting with your assigned Access Specialist.

Your Welcome Meeting does not have to occur during your assigned orientation dates, though we do encourage you to schedule your Welcome Meeting for sometime over the summer. That way, you can start autumn term fully registered with approved accommodations in place. Unlike our 10-15 minute call-ins for brief consults, Welcome Meetings must be scheduled in advance.

Please visit our Registration Process page for more information.

Requesting Accommodations for Orientation

Students and/or family members who need disability-related accommodations (e.g. alternative text format,  interpreting/transcribing, etc.) during orientation should contact Orientation or visit to fill out the Disability Request Form at least two weeks in advance. 

Orientation accommodations point-of-contact: Jenny Osborn ( / 614-292-3324).

Requesting Placement Test Accommodations

Incoming Ohio State students may take placement tests for English, foreign language and mathematics courses. SLDS wants to ensure that you have equal access to your placement test experience. In order to get setup with placement exam accommodations, please complete the following steps:

  1. Begin by submitting a New Student Application.
  2. Once you have received a "Schedule Your Welcome Meeting" email (sent to your Buckeyemail account), please call the office (Phone: 614-292-3307; VP: 614-500-4445) to speak with the drop-in Access Specialist. They will process your request.

(Note: This year the Spanish, German, and French placement tests are computer adaptive exams and are not time-based, so extended time accommodations are not applicable.)

In order to receive any future accommodations at Ohio State, you will still need to complete the registration process (by scheduling and attending a Welcome Meeting with your assigned Access Specialist). We encourage you to schedule your Welcome Meeting virtually over the summer.

Academic Support Services Inspiring Students to Thrive (Orientation Session)

At Ohio State, we offer a wide variety of academic support services, but we also understand that navigating a large university as a new student can be a challenge. Whether you are looking for tutoring or testing accommodations, help with research or writing, or tools to get organized and study smarter, there are resources for you! In this online panel session, representatives from 6 of the university's academic support offices will provide a brief overview of their services, with time at the end to answer questions from students and parents.

  • Center for the Study and Teaching of Writing
  • Dennis Learning Center
  • Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center
  • Residence Life Tutoring
  • Student Life Disability Services
  • University Libraries

Sessions will be held on CarmenZoom throughout the summer (all times are EST):

  • June 30, 3 PM - 4 PM

  • July 26, 3 PM - 4 PM

  • August 15, 2 PM -3 PM

Register for the Zoom link here.


You can attend any session, regardless of when your orientation is scheduled. After you register, you will receive an email with a link to join the session.

Meet Your Access Specialist (Videos)

Upon registration, you will be assigned an Access Specialist based on your academic program. Your Access Specialist serves as your primary point-of-contact for SLDS. To virtually meet your Access Specialist, look for your academic college listed below (or for Arts and Sciences, your academic department).

Kelly Bonice, Interim Assistant Director and Lead Access Specialist

Kelly works with students in the following colleges:

  • Social Work

Heidi Hartley, Access Specialist

Heidi works with students in the following colleges:

  • Arts and SciencesDepartments of Anthropology, Communication, Economics, Geography, and Neuroscience
  • Dentistry
  • Education and Human Ecology
  • Engineering: School of Architecture
  • Medicine, professional students (temporary assignment)

Caity McCandless, Associate Director

Caity works with students in:

    • Law

Stanley Pierre, Access Specialist

  • Arts and Sciences: Departments of Art; Art Admin, Education & Policy; Dance; Design; History of Art; (School of) Music; and Theatre
  • Engineering: All depts/majors except for ECE and FABE
  • University Exploration


Any Access Specialist (New Access Specialist Coming Soon!)

can work with students in the following colleges:

  • Engineering: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Engineering: Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE)
  • Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES)
  • Medicine, non-professional students (including the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences)

Michelle Salomone, Access Specialist

Michelle works with students in the following colleges:

    • Arts and Sciences: Departments of African American and African Studies; Classics; Comparative Studies; East Asian Languages & Lit., English; French & Italian; Germanic Languages & Lit.; History; Linguistics; Near Eastern Languages & Lit.; Philosophy; Slavic & East European Languages & Lit.; Spanish & Portuguese; and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
    • Arts and SciencesDepartments of Political Science, Psychology, Sociology, and Speech & Hearing Science
    • Veterinary Medicine

Lauren Rose Strand, Access Specialist

Lauren works with students in the following colleges:

  • Arts and Sciences: Departments of Astronomy, Chemistry and Biochemistry, (School of) Earth Sciences, EEOB, (Center for) Life Sciences Education, Mathematics, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Physics, Statistics, and Zoology
  • Arts and Sciences: Political Science
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Affairs

Hannah Worley, Access Specialist

Hannah works with students in the following colleges:

  • Business
  • Nursing
  • Optometry
  • Public Health
  • Other Academic Statuses (e.g. College Credit Plus, Non-Degree-Seeking)

Meet Your Team Leaders (Videos)

Tiffany Hedges, Communications Access (Interpreting, Transcribing, Braille)


Paul Kraemer, Accessible Media & Lab Assistant Teams

Meet Your College2Careers Counselor

Cyndi Mignone