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Each of our Access Specialists work with students and faculty from specific academic colleges/departments. Your department's Access Specialist is available to you for consultation, both on addressing individual student situations and implenting inclusive curricullar design. 

Drop-in Consults for students, faculty, staff and guests can be conducted via phone or in person for Spring 2023. Drop-in hours are Monday-Friday from 10a-1p and 2p-4p. Some staff may visit with you virtually even if you are on site if they are working remotely that day. 

Access Specialist

Academic Colleges

Email Address

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Madalyn Lyons

  • Engineering: Department of Electrical and Computer Engineering (ECE)
  • Engineering: Department of Food, Agricultural and Biological Engineering (FABE)
  • Food, Agricultural, and Environmental Sciences (CFAES)
  • Medicine, non-professional students (including the School of Health and Rehabilitation Sciences)

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Kelly Bonice

  • Social Work

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Heidi Hartley  

  • Arts and SciencesDepartments of Anthropology, Communication, Economics, Geography, and Neuroscience
  • Dentistry
  • Education and Human Ecology
  • Engineering: School of Architecture
  • Medicine, professional students (temporary assignment)

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Caitlyn McCandless (Asst. Dir.)

  • Law
  • Veterinary Medicine

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Jamonae Scarborough

  • Arts and Sciences: Departments of Art; Art Admin, Education & Policy; Dance; Design; History of Art; (School of) Music; and Theatre
  • Engineering: All depts/majors except for ECE and FABE
  • University Exploration

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Michelle Salomone

  • Arts and Sciences: Departments of African American and African Studies; Classics; Comparative Studies; East Asian Languages & Lit., English; French & Italian; Germanic Languages & Lit.; History; Linguistics; Near Eastern Languages & Lit.; Philosophy; Slavic & East European Languages & Lit.; Spanish & Portuguese; and Women's, Gender & Sexuality Studies
  • Arts and SciencesDepartments of Psychology, Sociology, and Speech & Hearing Science

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Lauren Rose Strand 

  • Arts and Sciences: Departments of Astronomy, Chemistry and Biochemistry, (School of) Earth Sciences, EEOB, (Center for) Life Sciences Education, Mathematics, Microbiology, Molecular Genetics, Physics, Statistics, and Zoology
  • Arts and Sciences: Political Science
  • Pharmacy
  • Public Affairs

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Any Access Specialist (Temporary)

  • Business
  • Nursing
  • Optometry
  • Other (e.g. College Credit Plus, Non-Degree-Seeking)
  • Public Health





Specific Service Areas

Staff Member Email Address Area of Expertise
Jenna Sparrowe (Exam Services Coordinator) Exam Accommodations
Caitlyn McCandless (Associate Director) Captioning, Accessible Media
Tiffany Hedges (Lead Interpreter/Transcriber) Interpreting/Transcribing
Dion Elizondo (Assistive Technology Coordinator) Assistive Technology