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SLDS Announces 2023 Advocate Award Winners

April 26, 2023

Outstanding Student Advocate Award – Graduate Student 

Student Life Disability Services has selected Sarah Beam to receive the 2023 Outstanding Graduate Student Advocate Award. Sarah is a PhD student in Anatomy and the lecture Graduate Teaching Associate for an Anatomy 2300 course. Sarah has ensured that course material was accessible to students, such as by updating lecture slides to be accessible for screen readers and adding closed captioning to recorded lectures. She also took the initiative to update lab materials. Sarah has ensured the smooth delivery of accommodations by double checking exam times for SLDS-proctored exams and being available for troubleshooting when needed. Sarah does everything with an upbeat attitude, a willingness to help, and always has an eye out for improvement. Congratulations and thank you to Sarah for her enthusiasm and commitment to supporting students!  

Outstanding Student Advocate Award – Undergraduate Student 

Student Life Disability Services has selected Lily Furgeson to receive the 2023 Outstanding Undergraduate Student Advocate Award. Lily is an undergraduate student majoring in Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies (WGSS). During their partnership with Dr. Erin Grogan, Lily independently researched and authored two workshops, Disability 101 and Accessibility and Disability Resources, to educate non-disabled students, faculty, and staff about disability and to connect disabled students with SLDS and ADA resources. In her workshops, Lily situates disability within a larger movement for social justice and inclusion both on campus and beyond, thus demonstrating a commitment to thinking about disability intersectionality. Lily also serves other roles in advocating within their WGSS major for a more accessible environment and more disability representation in the curriculum. Congratulations and thank you to Lily for her leadership and advocacy in disability inclusion and access!

Dick Maxwell Award - Outstanding Faculty/Staff

Student Life Disability Services has awarded the 2023 Dick Maxwell Award to Holly Wheaton, Advisor and Undergraduate Program Specialist, Undergraduate Studies Office in the Department of Chemistry and Biochemistry. This award is named after an Ohio State alumnus,former SLDS staff member and disability access leader. The award is given annually to a staff or faculty member who has made an outstanding contribution and significantly improved the quality of the higher educational experience for a student with a disability or within their department in respect to students with disabilities.

Holly helps coordinate communication between the SLDS office, the general chemistry team, and SLDS students. Holly is also the point person for the SLDS office and the general chemistry instructional team. She is very knowledgeable and is willing to share information. She assists instructors in understanding and implementing accommodations in their courses and works to provide students' perspectives in recommending course policies. We thank Holly for her partnership and dedication to equitable access for all students!