Office of Student Life

Disability Services

Voter Registration

Ohio State provides several opportunities for all students to complete voter registration forms.

OSU Votes

OSU Votes is a non-partisan committee headed by Pay It Forward at The Ohio Union dedicated to registering, educating, and motivating students to vote. There are 13 students who were selected to be a part of this committee. Per the university motto of "Education for Citizenship," OSU Votes will help students not only register to vote, but learn about the voting process, the candidates and issues, and most importantly how to be a civically engaged student at The Ohio State University.

Voter Registration at Disability Services

Disability Services is a designated voter registration site; voter registration forms and other information about voting are available from your Access Specialist. The forms are also available in the front reception area.

  • Any resident of Franklin County in Columbus, Ohio, can register to vote using the forms found at Disability Services.
  • For Ohio residents outside of the Franklin county area, you can vote via an absentee ballot. Your Access Specialist has information on how you can contact your particular Board of Elections.
  • If you are from another state, you must obtain an absentee ballot from your home county and state.
  • The national voter registration form is also available so that any student from any state can register to vote at Disability Services. This form must be sent back to your home state for voter registration purposes.

For students who are already registered voters, you must submit a new form if you have changed your name or address since the last time you voted or if you have not voted in any election in the last four years.