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Disability Services

Campus / Community Resources

This page lists campus and community resources that we encourage you to utilize to make the most of your college experience. These resources are divided into four categories. Use the navigation list below to navigate between the different categories.

Disability Access

Accessibility Help Line (BuckeyeLink / My Student Center)

The Office of the Chief Information Officer (OCIO) has a dedicated phone number so you can get assistance with questions, concerns or issues involving use of assistive technologies with BuckeyeLink/My Student Center application.

Phone: 614-292-5000. 

ADA Coordinator's Office (ADA)

This office collaborates with university offices, government agencies and advocacy groups to ensure university compliance with state and federal mandates. It is a referral point for disability-related information, services and resources. The office serves as a clearinghouse for disability-related complaints and develops disability-related initiatives.

Location: 21 E. 11th Ave., Columbus, OH 43201-2126

Phones: 614-292-6207 (voice) / 614-688-8605 (TTY) 


University policy requires any student, faculty member or staff member with a temporary or permanent mobility impairment to obtain and use a CampusParc disability parking permit rather than using the state placard.

Location: 1560 N. High St- South Campus Gateway

Phone: 614-688-0000

Deaf/Hard of Hearing/ASL Resources

Digital Accessibility Center

The Digital Accessibility Center (DAC) develops resources, provides consultation and education, offers web site analysis services and engages with the university community in order help reinforce MWAS and assist web developers and online content authors in creating highly accessible content and building universal usability into their web resources.

Location: 098 Baker Hall-ATTC Computer Lab


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Facilities Operations and Development (FOD) Construction Updates

FOD maintains a blog with updates on campus construction projects. Students with mobility issues are encouraged to use this blog to stay aware of environmental barriers that may be created during construction. To learn more, visit:

Library Assistance

The Ohio State University Library (OSUL) system can assist you when it comes to retrieving electronic and/or photocopying materials from the library.

Contact: Tony Maniaci

Phone: 614-247-6888

Nisonger Center

The Nisonger Center provides assistance to people with disabilities, families, service providers and organizations to promote inclusion in education, health, employment and community settings. Nisonger Center offers two programs for students on the Autism Spectrum: Aspirations Ohio and ACE. For more information on Aspirations visit For more information on ACE please contact Tom Fish at 

Phone: 614-685-8723

Office of International Affairs (OIA) - Studying Abroad

Just as cultures differ from country to country, so do perceptions of disability and reasonable accommodations. In collaboration with SLDS, OIA seeks to enable all students to pursue an international experience. If you anticipate or experience barriers based on your disability (including mental health, chronic or temporary medical conditions), please inform the Office of International Affairs or your program coordinator to privately discuss options. 

Location: 140 Enarson Classroom Building

Phone: 614-292-6101

Opportunities for Ohioans with Disabilities (OOD)

OOD is the state's agency that provides vocational rehabilitation services to help people with disabilities become employed and independent. Direct vocational rehabilitation is provided by two of its agencies: Bureau of Vocational Rehabilitation (BVR) and the Bureau of Services for the Visually Impaired (BSVI). BVR assists people with disabilities by providing vocational rehabilitation and other services. BSVI provides vocational rehabilitation and other services to Ohioans who are blind or have low vision.

Location: 150 E. Campus View Blvd., Columbus, OH 43235-4604

Phone: 614-438-1200 or 1-800-282-4536

Paratransit Services

Ohio State provides campus transportation services for students with disabilities. This service transports passengers door-to-door, both on and off campus within established University proximity boundaries.

Location:2500 Kenny Road

Phone: 614-292-6202

Speech-Language-Hearing Clinic

The Clinic offers an extensive range of services for preschoolers, school-age children and adults with disorders of hearing, articulation, language, voice or fluency who receive assessment and intervention from our experienced staff of audiologists and speech-language pathologists.

Location: 1070 Carmack Rd- 141 Pressey Rd.

Phone: 614-292-6251

University Housing

Student Life Housing Adminstration staff works to accommodate the needs of students. Students who need special assignment consideration and/or have a service animal or therapy animal are strongly encouraged to contact the Director of Housing Administration, Toni Greenslade-Smith to discuss housing options.

Location: 1910 Cannon Dr.- 350 Morrill Tower

Phone: 614-292-8266

Student Life Residence Life staff works to support students within the residence hall communitites during their time living with us.  Those with inquiries about event programming, roommate concerns, student organization involvement or other in-hall concerns should contact the Residence Hall Director of their assigned residence hall/aparment community.  Their contact information is listed at the link below:

Mental/Physical Health

Adapted Recreational Sports (ARS) 

The Department of Recreational Sports offers a variety of adapted fitness, sports and recreation activities for individuals who have disabilities. You can set up a one-on-one consultation with the coordinator to find out about all of the opportunities available by the department specific to your individual needs (RPAC members only, which includes fee-paying students). There are adapted programs as well as opportunities for inclusion.  Accommodation services are available to help inclusion into any program or activity. Contact ARS to set up a consultation or to learn more.

Location: Recreation and Physical Activity Center (RPAC) - 337 W. 17th Ave.

Contact: 614-688-3693 or

Anxiety and Stress Disorders Clinic                            

Psychological Services Center

Guided by over a decade of research into the nature and causes of anxiety, the Anxiety and Stress Disorders Clinic is committed to the development and provision of state-of-the-art treatments for individuals suffering from anxiety-related problems.                           

Location: 105 Psychology Building - 1835 Neil Ave.

Phone: 614-292-2059

Counseling and Consultation Service (CCS)

This office provides counseling and limited psychiatric services to currently enrolled undergraduate, graduate and professional students. Students can also participate in workshops and various support groups dealing with a wide range of mental health topics. Call for dates and times of activities or individual appointments.

Location: 4th Floor Younkin Success Center - 1640 Neil Ave.

Phone: 614-292-5766 

CCS Community Provider Database

CCS's online Community Provider Database is a resource to search for private mental health care providers in the communities surrounding The Ohio State University campuses.

Couple and Family Therapy Clinic

The clinic serves individuals, couples and families of the university and greater Columbus communities. The office is open for both day and evening appointments Monday through Thursday, with day time appointments on Fridays.

Location: Ste. 012 Mount Hall – 1050 Carmack Rd.

Phone: 614-292-3671

Psychological Services Center

The Psychological Services Center (PSC) provides psychological treatment to students. All of the services offered at the PSC are free of any charges. Currently, we offer individual cognitive-behavioral therapy for anxiety and stress, mood disorders, behavioral medicine issues, personality disorders and other related problems.

Location: 225 Psychology Building

Phone: 614-292-2059

Sexual Assault Response Network of Central Ohio (SARNCO) Campus Advocacy

SARNCO's campus advocacy coordinators offers confidential support for survivors of sexual violence for the The Ohio State University community (students, staff, faculty, and visitors). Services include: confidential reporting, safety planning, crisis response, information about options, and referrals to other local resources. SARNCO advocates do not provide counseling, legal services, legal advice, or case management - but can connect you to options for those services.

Location: 33 W. 11th Ave, Room 202

Phone (Office Hours): 614-688-2518

24/7 Helpline: 614-267-7020

Email: ;

Student Health Services

The Wilce Student Health Center, Student Life Student Health Services (SLSHS), at The Ohio State University is a Joint Commission accredited outpatient facility providing a variety of health care services to the student population. All students enrolled at the Ohio State University are eligible to use SLSHS, regardless of health insurance coverage.

Location: G1875 Millikin Rd

Phone: 614-292-4321

Student Wellness Center

The Student Wellness Center (SWC) serves as a resource for information on various health issues, provides programs and services to individuals and groups, and contributes to the development of a more healthy and caring campus community. The Student Wellness Center complements and supports the academic mission of the university by assisting students in obtaining optimal levels of health, growth and well-being. The Student Wellness Center promotes the 9 dimensions of wellness including: Emotional, Career, Social, Spiritual, Physical, Financial, Intellectual, Aesthetic and Environmental.

Location: Room B130 RPAC – 337 W. 17th Ave. 

Phone: 614-292-4527

Suicide Prevention Program

The Ohio State University Suicide Prevention Program (OSUSPP) aims to educate all members of our campus community about suicide prevention. They are dedicated to promoting a culture of caring among our staff, faculty, and students. They provide suicide prevention training (REACH), resources, education, and student involvement opportunities. 

Location: PAES Building 4th Floor
305 W. 17th Avenue, Columbus, Ohio 43201

Phone: 614-688-5829

To Seek Help:


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Tutoring/Academic Services

Dennis Learning Center

The mission of the Dennis Learning Center is to provide students of all backgrounds with strategies for college success that will enable them to enter, excel in, and complete programs of postsecondary education.  The DLC serves as a resource for students in need of learning assistance in a number of areas, including motivation, academic stress, procrastination, study skills, time management, test-taking strategies, learning from text, note taking and self-regulation strategies.

Location: 250 Younkin Success Center – 1640 Neil Ave.

Phone: 614-688-4011  

General Chemistry Learning Resource Center

The Learning Resource Center is available for assistance in General Chemistry courses. The Help Room usually staffed with 5 teaching assistants, for assistance with Chemistry courses 1110, 1210, 1220 and 1250.

Location: Celeste 170 – 120 W. 18th Ave.

Phone: 614-292-2251

Economics Learning Center

The Economics Learning Center (ELC) provides FREE peer tutoring by Undergraduate Student Tutors in Economics 2001, 2002, 4001, & 4002 (and other courses as available).

Location: 311 Arps Hall – 1945 N. High St.

Phone: 614-292-6701

Math Advising Office

The Department of Mathematics maintains an Advising Office that provides assistance in placement, retesting and general difficulties and concerns related to math courses. Math study strategies are also provided.

Location: 250 Mathematics Building – 231 W. 18th Ave.

Phone: 614-292-6994

Mathematics and Statistics Learning Center (MSLC)

The MSLC offers free tutoring for almost all courses below Math 1254. Refer to the web site for courses, hours and room locations.

Location: 148 Cockins Hall – 1958 Neil Ave.

Phone: 614-688-3157

Office of Diversity and Inclusion (ODI) Tutoring and Study Skills

The Tutoring and Study Skills Program provides free supplemental programs and services to support the academic success of ODI Scholars enrolled at The Ohio State University, Columbus Campus. The office focuses on advanced study skills development and tutorial services and promotes independence in student learning. Contact Armada Henderson, Program Manager, at the number below or see the web site for more information.

Location: Hale Hall – 154 W. 12th Ave.

Phone: 614-292-0964

Department of Physics

The Department of Physics offers free tutoring. Hours and tutor availability posted in the tutor room each term.

Location: Smith Lab 1011 A & B – 174 W. 18th Ave.

Phone: 614-292-6086

Writing Center

The Writing Center offers free one-on-one tutorial assistance to students who need help with any aspect of the writing process. Other online resources and individual appointments are available. Call for more information or to schedule a tutorial appointment.

Location: 4132 Smith Lab – 174 W. 18th Ave.

Phone: 614-388-5633

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General Campus Resources

Career Counseling and Support Services

By providing individual/group career services and programming to promote academic, personal and occupational success of students by assisting them in career decision making and career development. Call for dates and times of activities or individual appointments with a counselor.

Location: 2nd floor Younkin Success Center - 1640 Neil Ave.

Phone: 614-688-3898

Disability Studies (Academic Program)

Disability Studies examines the nature, meaning and consequences of disability in global culture from an integrated social, political and cultural model. The program is designed to provide a context of understanding the meaning and experience of difference in society by requiring students to examine how disability intersects gender, race, class, age and sexuality. The program includes an Undergraduate Minor, a Graduate Interdisciplinary Specialization and a Graduate Student Association.

Military and Veterans Services

This office’s goals are to provide affirmative action assistance to covered veterans; provide employee relations support to all faculty and staff veterans; provide enrollment certification for student veterans participating in the GI Bill program; to serve as a focal point for all campus activities; and to foster a positive campus and community atmosphere. 

Location: 185 Student Academic Services (SAS) Building – 281 W. Lane Ave

Phone: 614-247-8387

Multicultural Center (MCC)

The Student Life Multicultural Center provides programming and services to African American, American Indian, Hispanic, Asian American and LGBT+ students through an Intercultural model. The MCC offers a wide range of programming and advocacy activities for all members of the Ohio State community. Call for information on events, services and opportunities to serve.

Location: Student Union, Suite 1000 – 1739 N. High St.

Phone: 614-688-8449

Off-Campus and Commuter Student Services

This office provides programs and services to meet the needs of The Ohio State University’s off-campus and commuter students and to address the needs of persons wishing to live and engage as a resident of the University community. 

Location: 3106 Ohio Union – 1739 N. High St.

Phone: 614-292-0100

Student Activities

Student Activities creates transformational involvement and leadership opportunities with over 1,300 student organizations, immersive service trips, campus events and initiatives to serve locally.


Phone: 614-292-8763

Student Advocacy Center

This office provides assistance for students navigating Ohio State’s structure, helping to resolve issues they encounter while at the university. They will answer your questions, direct you to the appropriate departments and people, and help you to become familiar with university rules, policies and procedures. 

Location: 001 Drackett Tower

Phone: 614-292-1111

Student Conduct

The primary focus of this office is to promote university community standards through the administration of The Ohio State University Code of Student Conduct. It also serves as an information source on student discipline, judicial hearings, appeals, grievance procedures and academic misconduct issues.

Location: 550 Lincoln Tower, 1800 Cannon Dr.

Phone: 614-292-0748

Student Financial Aid

If you have questions about financial aid in general, financial aid status or how your financial aid will be affected if you drop a class, this is the office to contact. Throughout the semester, you can see a counselor from the Financial Aid office who can assist you in answering these and more questions. You can also see your Disability Services Access Specialist for a direct contact with a counselor in the Financial Aid office.

Location: 4th Floor, Student Academic Services (SAS) Building – 281 W. Lane Ave.

Phone: 292-0300 or toll free: 800-678-6440

Student Legal Services

Student Legal Services at The Ohio State University (SLS) is a non-profit law office employing legal professionals to provide advice, representation, education and resources to eligible Ohio State students regarding a wide range of legal issues, including criminal misdemeanors, traffic offenses, landlord-tenant, consumer and credit matters, dissolutions, simple wills and power of attorney, notary and much more.

Location: 20 W. 11th Ave.

Phone: 614-247-5853

Student Safety Service

This program is a service of the university Police Department. An Escort Service is provided for safe transportation during the evening and early morning hours for students in the campus area. It operates seven days a week and an escort can be arranged by calling the below number during regular business hours.

Location: Michael Blankenship Hall – 901 Woody Hayes Dr.

Phone: 614-292-3322 

Title IX Coordinator’s Office

This office coordinates the university’s compliance with Title IX. The office serves as the point of contact for claims of discrimination based on sex, gender identity, or failure to conform to stereotypical notions of masculinity or femininity. Sex discrimination includes sexual violence.

Location: 21 E. 11th Ave, Columbus, OH 43201

Phone: (614) 247-5838


VetSuccess On Campus

Vet Success on Campus is formed by a partnership between The Ohio State University and the Department of Veterans Affairs (VA) and serves all Veteran students, Active Duty and Dependents attending Ohio State. Through a full time VetSuccess On Campus Counselor, all eligible students can access VA services such as guidance and support for education benefits, assistance in understanding readjustment difficulties and their impact on school, and referrals to readjustment counseling. VetSuccess On Campus also offers assistance with applying for other VA benefits, career exploration and job placement.

Location: 185c SAS Building

Contact: Angela Abel

Phone: 614-688-1602

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