Office of Student Life

Disability Services

Admissions Information

Pre-Admissions Services

All prospective students are encouraged to contact Disability Services in the early stages of their college planning. Pre-admission services include meeting with an Access Specialist to discuss eligibility for academic support services and accommodations, appropriate documentation of disability, housing considerations, and transition issues.

The Admissions Application Process

To attend The Ohio State University and use Disability Services services, first complete an application to the University. The admissions application process for students with disabilities is the same as that of other students. Disclosure of your disability is optional and voluntary. To learn more about the admissions process, visit Ohio State's Future Students page

Here is one example of why you might choose to disclose: Let's say that your disability was first diagnosed and treated during the summer before your junior year of high school. Thanks to a new medication and better coping strategies, your grades junior and senior year improved significantly compared to your first two years. You may want to include this in your personal statement so that the admissions counselor who is reviewing your application will have context to better understand your GPA and grade history. 

Registering with SLDS After Admission

Registering with Disability Services is a separate process from your admission application. You can start the registration process with SLDS once you have accepted your offer of admission. Click here to learn more about our registration process.