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Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding registering with Disability Services. 

Q: I have a temporary injury (e.g. broken arm, concussion). Should I get registered?

Students with temporary disabilities should contact Disability Services and ask to speak with an Access Specialist to set up temporary services. Note: If all you will need is transportation services on campus, you do not need to register with our office. Instead, you can work directly with Paratransit Services.

Q: What constitutes a disability? Am I qualified for services?

According to the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA), a disability is a physical or mental impairment that affects one or more major life activities. Learning is considered a major life activity. To see a list of example qualifying conditions, visit our Qualifying Conditions page. You do need to provide documentation of the disability in order to be eligible for services. To learn more, visit our Documentation Guidelines page.

Q: I don’t know if I have a disability / I’ve never been diagnosed. How do I find out?

Depending on your condition, you will need to be evaluated by a learning or medical professional. To be tested for a learning disability or ADHD, you are welcome to utilize our LD/ADHD Testing Referral List. To find a mental health care provider, visit our Mental Health Referrals page. For medical conditions, we recommend you work with your primary care provider. For additional information, contact our office and ask to speak with an Access Specialist.

Q: How do I get registered?

To register with Disability Services, follow our Registration Process.

Q: When should I get registered?

Students should register with disability services in advance of their accommodation needs. Current students can register at any time during their academic career. Incoming freshman should register after being admitted to the university. Students needing housing accommodations should contact us as soon as possible to ensure that their needs are considered in advance of housing assignments. Students needing only housing accommodations can work directly with University Housing. Note: Welcome Meetings can be scheduled during the second day of Orientation, if preferable.

Q: What kind of documentation do I need to provide?

Visit our Documentation Guidelines page.

Q: What is an IEP/504 plan? Do they apply in college?

IEP/504 plans are individualized educational plans for students with disabilities in the K-12 system. While these plans do not automatically transfer to college, they can be informative when determining your accommodations in the college setting. Students with IEP/504 plans are encouraged to submit them as documentation, as per our Documentation Guidelines.

Q: I submitted documentation. What now?

Once documentation is received, it is reviewed by an Access Specialist. You’ll receive an email to your OSU inbox with the name of your assigned Access Specialist. Please contact the office to schedule aWelcome Meeting with your Access Specialist. You are not considered fully registered with the office until completing your Welcome Meeting. To learn more, visit our Registration Process page.

Q: I submitted documentation and haven’t heard anything yet. What should I do?

Typically, documentation is reviewed and the student is contacted within a few business days. Check your OSU inbox, including the Junk folder, to make sure you have not been contacted by our office. If you have not received an email, please contact our office and ask to speak with an Access Specialist.

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