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Below is a list of frequently asked questions for students currently registered with Disability Services.

Q: Do I need to re-register every semester?

No. You will be considered an active student in our office until 3 consecutive semesters after leaving the university. Note that while you do not need to re-register every semester, you are still expected to follow the accommodation policies and procedures outlined in the Student Handbook. Your documentation will remain on file for 6 years.

Q: Will you notify my instructors that I am registered?

No. It is the student’s responsibility to have a conversation with each of his or her instructors to discuss classroom accommodations. Your Access Specialist can provide you with a verification letter to assist with this conversation. Note that if you are not seeking any accommodations in a particular course, then you do not need to disclose your registration status with the instructor.

Q: How do I request Course Accessibility Letters, Note Taker Letters, or Attendance/Deadline Letters?

Email your Access Specialist. 

Q: How can I contact my assigned Access Specialist?

Visit the Contact my Access Specialist page.

Q: Can I get assistance with scheduling for classes?

You should meet with your academic advisor to determine which classes you need to take. Afterwards, you are welcome to meet with your Access Specialist to discuss your course schedule and your disability-related needs.

Q: Where can I get assistance with finding tutoring, academic services, mental/physical health services, etc.?

Visit our Campus and Community Resources page.

Q: How do I get accommodations for graduate placement tests (e.g. GRE, LSAT, MCAT, LSW)

You’ll need to review each testing organization’s own guidelines to determine the documentation needed for accommodation requests. Once you’ve determined what you need, contact your Access Specialist.

Q: How can I get assistance with retroactive withdrawal/SAP/course substitution petitions?

Your Access Specialist can provide documentation of your disability, and in certain circumstances, a letter of support for your petition. Schedule a follow-up appointment with your Access Specialist to discuss your particular petition.

Q: Can I get a copy of my documentation or a Registration Confirmation to share with a 3rd party?

Yes. Contact your Access Specialist or stop in during walk-in hours.

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