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Below is a list of frequently asked questions regarding exam accommodations.

Q: How do I receive exam accommodations for Carmen quizzes/exams?

If the quizzes/exams in your course are administered online through Carmen, your instructor can adjust your allotted time to allow for your extended time accommodation. Email your Access Specialist to request a verification letter. Once received, forward the verification letter to your online instructor and ask for the instructor to adjust your allotted time accordingly.

Q: Whose responsibility is it to turn in the completed Proctor Sheet?

It is the student’s responsibility to return the completed Proctor Sheet to Disability Services. In some cases, the instructor will prefer to turn in the Proctor Sheet. In this case, the student must ensure that it has been received and scheduled.

Q: What if my instructor or I do not completely fill out the form? What is normally missed?

If your instructor has left off some important information, we will not accept the Proctor Sheet and you will be asked to meet with your instructor to obtain what is needed. It is the responsibility of the student to ensure that the instructor has completely filled out the Proctor Sheet beforehand. Some commonly overlooked sections pertain to the following: the class time allotted (not your extended time), exam start time (duration of the whole exam must be within our office hours), the delivery location of the completed exam if requested (main campus only), and the instructors initials beside each test listed on the form.

Q: Do I need to get a different Proctor Sheet for each individual quiz/midterm?

No.  You only need to turn in one Proctor Sheet per class.  Each Proctor Sheet can include all of the midterms, quizzes, and final for the entire semester.  If the instructor needs to add another quiz or midterm, he/she should contact our office to schedule it.

Q: Why am I not able to schedule my exam during the exact time as the rest of the class during finals week?

Due to the high volume of exams which we proctor during finals week, we operate on a block scheduling system.  Students can either take their exams at 7:30 AM, 10:30 AM, 1:30 PM, or 4:30 PM on each day during finals week.  If the instructor has concerns regarding exam integrity, he/she should try to schedule the exam during the block which is closes to the exam time for the rest of the class.  In this case, the instructor can also provide an alternate exam format for the student. The instructor also has the option of administering the exam themselves, arranging a date and time at the Testing Center, or may speak with an Access Specialist in our office if you must take the exam with us due to an access issue.

Q: Will I receive a confirmation e-mail stating my exams have been scheduled?

Our office will not send e-mails to confirm that you have been scheduled for your quizzes or midterms. The Proctor Sheet is made up of three copies, white, yellow and pink. The white copy is kept by our office once it has been completely filled out. The yellow and pink copies are carbon copies of the white sheet. The yellow copy will be kept by you, the student, and the pink copy is meant for the instructor. You will refer to the yellow copy for your exam schedule during the course duration. For final exams, we will send an e-mail with your exam date, time, and location. This email will be sent closer to the end of the course. If you have not received this email by the week before finals, you should contact our office. You may always request that we either email or print out a copy of your exam schedule for your records.

Q: When can I schedule my exams? Do they have to be during the class time?

You can schedule your exams any time within our office hours, as long as your time will finish before our office closes. The start time must be approved by your instructor and does not need to be the time of the class. If you will have a conflict due to your classes, work schedule, or personal appointments, please speak with your instructor ahead of time to pick an appropriate start time.

Q: Can I reschedule an exam? What is the process?

You must obtain written permission to reschedule the exam (e-mail is preferable) as well as the new date and time for which it should be rescheduled. Once you have permission, you may e-mail our office, including the instructor’s permission, to request a different exam date/time as has been approved. You may also come into our office in person to facilitate the process.

Q: Can completed Proctor Sheets and exams be sent through Campus Mail?

We do not utilize Campus Mail in regards to exam scheduling. All Proctor Sheets must be hand delivered (by either the student or instructor) and completed exams are either picked up or hand delivered.

Q: How will completed exams be returned to the instructor?

Some instructors request that we deliver a completed exam. We will hand deliver the exam to an indicated location on main campus. An instructor may request that the exam be kept in our office to be picked up by themselves or a designee. We require a signature upon receipt for all exams.

Q: What will happen if I am running late or show up late for my exam?

We encourage all students to call our office to inform us of the delay. You may be docked the time that you were late from your extended time. If you have shown up 30 minutes or more late, you will be asked for the reason and may need to speak with an Access Specialist to approve you to begin the exam.

Q: What should I do if I am sick before my exam?

If you have become ill before taking a scheduled exam with our office, please contact your instructor concerning rescheduling the exam. If you do not hear from them before the scheduled time, please contact our office and speak with an Access Specialist about this issue.

Q: What are my options if my Proctor Sheet or my exam does not indicate that I am approved to have certain materials (calculator, model kit, notes, scrap paper, etc.)?

If you believe that you are supposed to have certain materials not indicated on your Proctor Sheet or exam, you may request these materials with the stipulation that you will need to fill out a Comment Form.  This comment form will include a description of the materials used.  A copy of the form will be included with the exam upon return to the instructor.  The instructor will then use his/her discretion in deciding whether it was appropriate for the student to have these materials.

Q: May I have food/drink with me during my exam?

We allow you to bring snacks and drinks in with your exam. We prefer resalable containers, when possible, and you are responsible for cleaning any resulting mess. We do not allow students to bring a full meal to eat during their exam, unless otherwise approved by their Access Specialist.

Q: What should I do if I start to feel sick during my exam?

If you begin to feel ill while taking an exam, please notify one of the exam staff so an Access Specialist can be consulted. You may choose to speak with the Access Specialist about rescheduling the exam if you are too ill to continue or you may resume taking the exam if you choose to do so.

Q: Am I able to use the bathroom during my exam?

Yes, we have a bathroom in our office that you may use during your exam. If it is occupied, you may use the ones in the hallway. We ask that you check in with the Exam Scheduling desk to notify us beforehand.

Q: What are my options if I am uncomfortable with my designated exam environment, or if I believe I should be authorized for more/different accommodations?

If you feel uncomfortable at any time during your exam, you are entitled to speak with one of our office’s Access Specialists.  If you feel that you should receive a certain accommodation, or if you think that you would be more comfortable in a different exam room/studio, you can also request to speak with an Access Specialist.

Q: What should I do if I need more time on my exam?

If your allotted time ends and you feel that you should have more time, you can inform an exam staff member.  The staff member will fill out a form indicating that you requested more time.  A copy of this form will then be returned to your instructor with your exam.  The staff member may also chose to copy your exam, give you a different colored pen, and have you complete your exam.  He/she will then send both copies of the exam back to the instructor so that the instructor is aware of which parts of the exam you completed after the end of your designated time.  When this happens, it will be up to the instructor’s discretion and interpretation of the exam and extra time form as to whether he/she would like to grade the portion of the exam completed after the allotted time. You may ask to speak with an Access Specialist in the event that you are not comfortable with this process.

Q: While taking my exam, what are my options if I have questions for the instructor?  What if I am confused or have questions about the wording, content, or directions of my exam?

If you have questions regarding exam procedures, you can ask an exam staff member.  Keep in mind that exam staff members cannot answer questions or offer counsel related directly to course content or interpretation of information as presented on the exam.  If you have a question for your instructor, you can inform the exam staff.  A staff member will attempt to call your instructor.  If the instructor cannot be reached, we will leave a voicemail and send an email to the instructor.  You can then resume your test, and we will inform you if the instructor has made contact with us.  If the instructor does not return our call or email, you may include a comment form with your completed exam.  On the form, you can describe in detail any questions, concerns, or complications you encountered while completing the exam.  This form will then be sent back to the instructor to be taken into consideration when grading.

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