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Looking for a quick overview of our office's mission and services available? Check out our Overview Video.

Disability Services is pleased to offer presentations and workshops on disability-related topics for the campus community. Below is a list of our most common presentation topics (101 and 201). We also like to discuss the request with you in advance to help us create a presentation that best meets your needs.

Note: Due to the high volume of service requests, we are unable to present during the first four weeks of the autumn semester.

To submit a presentation request, please send us an email which includes:

  • date/time options and preferred time allotted for the presentation
  • your goals for the presentation
  • any topics in particular that you would like us to focus on

Common Presentations

Disability Services 101: Overview

Standard time: 30-60 minutes

Subjects typically covered:

  • Our mission
  • Qualifying conditions ("What is considered a disability?")
  • Registration process
  • Services offered
  • How to refer students for services
  • Q&A
  • (for longer presentations) Accessibility tips and universal design principles

Disability Services 201: Identity and Inclusion

Standard time:  60 minutes

Subjects typically covered:

  • Disability as an aspect of diversity
  • Medical vs. social model of disability
  • Social identity/ableism
  • Portrayals of individuals with disabilities in the media
  • Discussion of bias and stereotypes
  • Accessibility tips and universal design principles
  • Etiquette tips