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AIM Instructions for SLDS-Registered Students

Students registered with Disability Services use AIM to generate their Course Accessibility Letters and make accommodation requests each semester for Columbus campus courses. 

NOTE: To ensure that you do not miss important emails sent via AIM, we encourage you to either:

  1. Add the domain "" to your safe sender list (click here for Outlook 365 instructions), or
  2. Regularly check your junk mail folder.

New Features for Summer 2019:

  • AIM will directly email your instructors a copy of your Course Accessibility Letter after you submit your requests in each course. You will receive a copy via email as well. See instructions below.
  • Students can now schedule their accommodated exams at Disability Services using the online Alternative Testing Module. This module replaces the paper "proctor sheet." See instructions below.

General Clarifications (Updated for Summer 2019):

  • AIM is only used for Columbus campus courses. Please contact your Access Specialist if you plan on transferring campuses or taking classes at multiple campuses. Your Access Specialist can assist in sending your information to the corresponding OSU regional campus office.
  • The accommodations of some common courses are coordinated partially or entirely by a course coordinator.  It is important for you to know these contacts and follow up as needed with them. Please review the Common Courses - Contact List page for more information.
  • When logging into AIM for the first time, don’t forget to sign your e-agreements. You won’t be able to see your courses or generate your letters until you have done so.
  • SLDS letters are now course-specific. You need to request accommodations and generate new letters for each course, each semester using AIM (instructions below).
  • When generating your letters, only select the accommodations that you are actually requesting in each course. Depending on the design of the course, you may only need to utilize some of your approved accommodations.
  • You are still required to meet with your instructors, discuss your accommodation requests with them, and follow any applicable procedures (as described in detail in the Student Handbook).
  • For scheduling exams at SLDS, our deadlines remain the same. For quizzes/midterms: 1 week in advance; for finals held during Summer 2019 Finals Week: July 8th

Generating Course Accessibility Letters (Updated for Summer 2019)

  1. Log in to AIM using your OSU credentials.
  2. Your dashboard may notify you of e-agreements that you need to sign. Please review these documents and acknowledge them using the prompts on the screen.
  3. You should now see a list of your enrolled courses. If you do not see one or more of your courses, please contact SLDS.
  4. Select each course in which you are requesting accommodations. Then, click the button “Step 2 – Continue to Customize Your Accommodations”
  5. For each course, select all of the accommodations that you are requesting. This checkbox feature allows you to create customized letters for each course! When finished, click the button “Submit Your Accommodation Requests.”
  6. The letters will be emailed to you and your instructor(s). You may also choose to download a PDF copy of the letter by selecting the course from the dropdown menu at the top of the page, then selecting "Generate PDF." Downloading a PDF copy is optional. If you have any concerns with this information being shared with instructors via email, please speak with your Access Specialist.
  7. Now that your letters have been sent, be sure to: (1) discuss your accommodation requests with the relevant faculty/staff, (2) complete any remaining accommodation procedures (as described in the Student Handbook - summer updates forthcoming), and (3) contact SLDS with any questions or concerns.
  8. Remember: The accommodations of some common courses are coordinated partially or entirely by a course coordinator. It is important for you to know these contacts and follow up as needed with them. Please review the Common Courses - Contact List page for more information.

NOTE: If you make any changes to your accommodation selections after the first time you generate a Course Accessibility Letter, you will not be able to generate the revised letter without approval from SLDS. These approvals typically take 1 business day to process. 

Alternative Testing Module:

Requesting Note-Takers or Attendance/Deadline Modifications (if eligible):

  • Your Course Accessibility Letter will briefly describe the purpose of these accommodations, as well as direct the instructor to our Supplemental Accommodation Instructions pageYour instructor should read the supplemental instructions to understand how to implement these accommodations in their courses.
  • For requesting note-takers: The instructor is responsible for providing your name and email address to the identified note-taker, as well as directing the note-taker to our “Note-Taker Instructions” page.
  • For requesting attendance/deadline modifications: The modification agreement template, as well as examples of past agreements, are available for download on the Supplemental Accommodation Instructions page.

Requesting Accessible Media (if eligible):

  • Sending your Course Accessibility Letter does NOT automatically send a material conversion request to SLDS.
  • You still need to send all material conversion requests to with appropriate advance notice (ideally one semester in advance, immediately after registering for classes).

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