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Sign Language Interpreting / Transcribing

Student Life Disability Services will coordinate interpreting and/or transcribing services for D/deaf or hard of hearing students registered with the office. Sign language interpreting and transcribing services are available for all university activities.

All Disability Services interpreters and transcribers are selected based on an assessment of interpreting/transliterating skills, experience in a post-secondary setting, and the ability to handle the level of discourse common in a university settings. All Disability Services staff interpreters are RID-NAD certified.  All staff CART providers are NCRA certified. Transcribers are trained using Typewell, C-Print and/or CART systems. A transcriber provides real-time transcription in the classroom and at events for the student who is Deaf/Hard of Hearing.  The student can view the real-time transcription via a mobile device or laptop from anywhere within the classroom.

Staff Title E-Mail Address
Tiffany Hedges Lead Interpreter/Transcriber

VRS: 614-500-4445

ASL Events/Activities

The Ohio State University and Greater Columbus Area offer a variety of opportunities for Deaf Community interaction both on and off campus.  Reference the Campus and Community Resources page for more information. Note that resources listed are not exhaustive of all resources available in the community.

Other Deaf/Hard of Hearing Services

Deaf/Hard of hearing students may also benefit from the use of FM systems or captioning services. To find out more about these services, please visit our Other SLDS Services and Accessible Media pages.

Next Steps:

To learn more about interpreting/transcribing services, view the Disability Services Student Handbook.

For instructions on how to register with Disability Services, review our Registration Process page.

Interpreting/Transcribing Services

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