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Accessible Classroom Furniture

Disability Services is committed to ensuring students’ learning environments are accessible. Students who need accessible classroom furniture (e.g. tables, chairs) should notify their Access Specialist in advance by providing their course schedule and classroom locations via email.

Adaptive Recreation

Rec Sports encourages and supports the participation of individuals with disabilities in all programs and services. To learn more about the adaptive recreation services available at Ohio State, please visit their Adaptive Recreation page

Assistive Listening Device (ALD)

Deaf or Hard of Hearing students may request an Assistive Listening Device (ALD) for use in the classroom environment.  SLDS partners with Ohio State's Speech Language Hearing Clinic for equipment fitting and loaning.

Course Substitutions

Disability Services supports petitions for course substitutions in cases of foreign language, quantitative or other non-major specific course requirements as a reasonable accommodation if disability documentation supports the petition and if the course(s) in consideration is (are) not essential to your major. Your college – not Disability Services – reviews all curriculum modifications. Although your Access Specialist may provide a letter and assist with the application process, the decision ultimately rests with the college or department. Contact your Access Specialist if you are interested in pursuing a course substitution.

 Graduate/Professional Student Accommodations

Graduate/professional students with disabilities can register with Disability Services for both general accommodations (e.g. extended time on exams) and accommodations that specifically apply to graduate-level work. Some of these graduate-specific accommodations can include non-normative time for a dissertation, oral defense or thesis, field placement/internship/clinical accommodations and comprehensive/qualifying/candidacy exam accommodations. Disability Services works closely with graduate/professional colleges to implement accommodations fairly and appropriately. More information about graduate/professional-level accommodations can be found in our Handbook Addendum for Graduate/Professional Students.

Lab Assistants

Students with disabilities which prevent them from being able to complete in-class lab requirements can request a lab assistant. Students should contact their Disability Services Access Specialist in advance to request this accommodation.

Lab assistants will:

  • Perform only those tasks directed by you. They will NOT prompt or guide you in performing a lab task unless the task is dangerous;
  • Act as your hands or eyes, not as your instructor;
  • Inform you ahead of time if unable to attend a session;
  • Receive instruction, if needed, regarding your disability-related needs from you and/or your Access Specialist.

Lab assistants will act only as your hands or eyes. All information about actual lab processes and procedures is your responsibility.

Priority Scheduling

Most students registered through Disability Services receive priority scheduling. This means you may register for classes prior to the start of general registration. Note: This does not apply to registration during freshman/transfer orientation.

When scheduling your courses, please consider the following guidelines:

  • Meet with your academic advisor before your window opens.
  • Research available course offerings in advance so you are prepared once the window opens.
  • Consider your disability-related needs and issues when scheduling.
  • Your Access Specialist is not an academic advisor, but can assist you in balancing your course load to better address your disability needs.

Study Abroad Accommodations

In collaboration with SLDS, the Office of International Affairs seeks to enable all students to pursue an international experience. To learn more about access and accommodations while studying abroad, visit the OIA Accommodations and Disabilities page.

Student Life

Students with disabilities can request accommodations in all areas of student life, including (but not limited to) student organizations, student leadership programs, study abroad, campus programming, student employment and support services. If you have questions/concerns, please contact your Access Specialist.

Next Steps:

To learn more about accommodations, read the Disability Services Student Handbook.

For instructions on how to register with Disability Services, review our Registration Process page.