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Disability Parking / Adaptive Transportation

Disability Parking

CampusParc provides parking permits and transportation services for persons with disabilities. Visit CampusParc’s Accessible Parking Spaces page for more information regarding disability parking on campus. They also offer a map of accessible parking spaces. For those visiting Disability Services, there are multiple accessible parking spaces outside Pomerene Hall, on Neil Ave. There is also a disability parking lot behind Campbell Hall, across from Neil Ave. Garage on John Herrick Dr.

Adaptive Transportation

Ohio State Paratransit and COTA's Project Mainstream are two adaptive transportation systems for Ohio State students, faculty and staff with disabilities.


This service operates throughout the year, transporting passengers curb-to-curb, both on and off campus within University established boundaries. The Paratransit also offers "Shopping Nights" where persons eligible to use the service are able to take the Paratransit to a local grocery store.

To check the exact hours of Paratransit operation, learn the days and hours of Shopping Nights, and schedule rides, students should call the Paratransit Dispatch Line at 292 - 6202. Student Life Disability Services is not responsible for any scheduling.

Disability Services Access Specialists are authorized to approve permanent riders for registered students. See our Registration Process page for details.

Temporary Paratransit Transportation Procedures

Students who have temporary disabilities that impact mobility may be eligible to ride the campus paratransit service on a temporary basis. Examples of such situations might include broken ankles, using crutches for a short time frame or recovering from an operation.

Students who wish to ride the paratransit service on a temporary basis may either stop by Disability Services during drop-in hours or contact the Transportation and Traffic Management office to become eligible. 

COTA, Project Mainstream

This service provides door--to--door drop off. Information regarding Project Mainstream is available by calling COTA at 614-275-5833, or by accessing COTA's website.

Eligibility applications for Project Mainstream can take several weeks to process. It is important that a completed application be sent to the Mainstream Office as soon as possible. COTA also provides travel training service for passengers wanting to learn to ride regular route buses. For information on this program, call 614-275-5828.

Next Steps:

To learn more about accommodations, view the Disability Services Student Handbook.

For instructions on how to register with Disability Services, review our Registration Process page.