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Registration Process

Below is our three-step process for registering with Disability Services (SLDS).

NOTE: Students who have readily observable disabilities (e.g. wheelchair user, white cane user, temporary injury) do not need to submit documentation. Instead, we ask that you contact the office at 614-292-3307, or stop by the office during walk-in hours, to discuss your registration.

Step 1: Submit documentation of a disability to SLDS.

You can submit documentation via fax (614-292-4190), email (, or in-person delivery. Once received, the documentation is then reviewed by a staff member. 

Step 2: If approved, you will receive a “Schedule Your Welcome Meeting with SLDS” email to your Buckeyemail account.

  • If not approved, the email will provide instructions for how to provide sufficient documentation.
  • Typically, these emails are sent within three business days of documentation receipt.

Step 3: Schedule and attend your Welcome Meeting.

  • During a Welcome Meeting, you would meet with an Access Specialist to discuss the documentation you submitted, barriers you experience in your academics, accommodations that would work best for you, and how to set up those accommodations.
  • You are not officially registered with SLDS until after you have completed your Welcome Meeting.

If you would like to discuss the registration process, please contact an Access Specialist with your questions and concerns. See our Contact Us page for our office contact information.

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