Office of Student Life

Disability Services

Registration Process

This page outlines the steps for getting registered with Student Life Disability Services (SLDS) on the Columbus campus.

Regional Campuses: Each Ohio State regional campus has its own separate Disability Services office. Click here to learn more about registration at regional campuses.

  • Students who originally registered with Disability Services at a regional campus prior to May 13, 2020 will need to also register with the Columbus office when taking Columbus-based classes.
  • Students who registered with a regional campus on or after May 13, 2020 do not need to register at Columbus. Instead, please contact SLDS. We can update your assigned Access Specialist in AIM and review with you how to request accommodations for your Columbus courses (e.g. how to schedule exams). 

Temporary Registrations

Students with a temporary injury (e.g. broken arm, concussion, surgery recovery) do not need to submit an application. Instead, call the office during business hours (M-F 8 a.m. – 5 p.m.). If your injury is not readily observable, such as a concussion, please have a doctor’s note or other relevant documentation ready to send via email.

Standard Registrations

Step 1: Submit a New Student Application and upload documentation.

The New Student Application helps SLDS better understand the impacts of your disability and your accommodation requests. The application includes a file upload feature to provide SLDS with your disability documentation.

  • COVID-19 Information: If you think you have been exposed to COVID-19, please follow the University’s guidelines for self-quarantine (click here). If you are experiencing COVID-19 symptoms that are significantly impacting your coursework, or if you have a CDC-identified higher risk medical condition, please contact SLDS. We would like to discuss these impacts with you and how you may be eligible for disability accommodations.
  • In light of current community directives to promote social distancing, we understand it may be difficult for you to obtain disability documentation for registration.  Please know that this is no cause to delay reaching out to our office. We are here to work with you.  Please contact SLDS if you have documentation concerns.
  • For guidance on the documentation required, review our Documentation Guidelines.
  • Click here to download our Disability Verification Form (which is one way that a medical professional can provide you with disability documentation).
  • Student veterans whose medical conditions are on file with the VA are encouraged to contact Ed Mathews, Ohio State VetSuccess on Campus Counselor. Ed can help verify your conditions on file with the VA and provide documentation to you in an expedited manner.
  • Students with readily observable disabilities (e.g. wheelchair user, white cane user) can contact SLDS after submitting your application in lieu of uploading documentation.
  • For assistance with the New Student Application, please review our Instructions page or contact SLDS.

Step 2: If approved, you will receive a “Schedule Your Welcome Meeting with SLDS” email to your Buckeyemail account.

  • To ensure that you do not miss important emails from SLDS, we encourage you to either (1) add the domain "" to your safe sender list (click here for Outlook 365 instructions), or (2) regularly check your junk mail folder.
  • Typically, these emails are sent within three business days of documentation receipt.
  • If not approved, the email will provide instructions for how to provide sufficient documentation.

Step 3: Schedule and (virtually) attend your Welcome Meeting.

  • The email you receive will indicate your assigned Access Specialist (based on your academic college/program). Though you may schedule with another member of the Access Specialist team for your Welcome Meeting if availability/timing is a concern.
  • During your Welcome Meeting, you will discuss your submitted application, barriers you experience in your academics, accommodations that would work best for you and steps for setting up those accommodations in your classes.
  • You are not officially registered with SLDS until after you have completed your Welcome Meeting.

If you have any questions about the registration process, please contact SLDS

Expedited Registrations: During autumn and spring semesters, SLDS offers expedited registrations for students only requesting certain accommodations (1.5x or 2x extended time on exams, distraction-reduced small-group testing space, note-taking assistance, priority scheduling). Students who opt in to expedited registration do not complete a Welcome Meeting, and therefore are typically processed faster than standard registrations. Expedited registrations are not offered during the summer. Instead, SLDS strongly encourages incoming students to complete their standard registrations sometime over the summer.