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Disability Services is excited to announce the launch of a new student program: Peer Connections!

Peer Connections is an opt-in program that connects SLDS-registered students with one another based on their major/program, disability/diagnosis, or veteran status. To learn more about the program, read below. Want to sign up? Click here to complete the Sign-Up Form.

Why Sign Up?

Our peers can often be our best supporters and teachers. Many students appreciate the opportunity to relate to a fellow student who shares the same major, diagnosis, or military background. It creates the opportunity for dialogue, sharing resources, and for realizing "I'm not the only one!"

You might talk about how to communicate with instructors, what campus resources have proved helpful, studying and test-taking strategies, etc. There is also a profound value in simply sharing your own story with someone who can relate.

How It Works

Students sign up for Peer Connections by completing the Sign-Up Form. On the form, you’ll choose to be connected with other interested students based on having the same or similar (1) major/program, (2) disability/diagnosis, or (3) veteran status.  Students can also input gender preferences, if desired. Based on these results, Disability Services will match students into small groups and send out an introductory email to each group during the 4th week of the semester (though students can sign up at any point in the year).  From there, the grouped students decide how to connect.

Some ideas for connecting include:

Connected students may receive future emails from SLDS as new students sign up. Students can later opt out of the program by contacting their Access Specialist.


SLDS Peer Connections is an optional, opt-in program that will not affect a student's eligibility to receive services or accommodations. While this program is designed to help students connect with one another, Disability Services encourages you to be safe in doing so. Do not share any personal information that you are not comfortable sharing. Do not meet people you do not know outside of public settings. Do not continue to contact someone who has communicated that they no longer want to be contacted.

Please contact your Access Specialist with any questions or concerns you might have about Peer Connections.

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